Add Avatar Image

XRP Ledger accounts can store a hash of an email address to be used for generating an avatar image. Clients typically use Gravatar to display this image, this is also the case for XRP Toolkit.


If you want to display an avatar image for your XRP Ledger account, start by creating a Gravatar account. Your email address will later be stored in an unrecognizable format on the XRP Ledger, but for maximum privacy you may still want to use a throwaway email address, for example from Temp Mail.

Gravatar Account

After creating your Gravatar account, upload the image you'd like to use as your avatar image. We recommend using a generic or nonpersonal image.

Gravatar Upload Image

You're now ready to add the avatar image to your XRP Ledger account. Go to Properties in the Account menu and enter the same email address you used for Gravatar in the email field. The entered email address will be run through a one-way hash function before being stored on the XRP Ledger.

Email Hash

After adding the email hash to your XRP Ledger account, your avatar image will appear on the overview and others will see your avatar image when sending you payments using XRP Toolkit. If you want to learn how your email hash is used to generate an avatar image, read more on